Laurel Clark

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Dream interpreter and interfaith spiritual minister, Laurel Clark is a master at helping people discover their life purpose. Laurel is a visionary and dedicated teacher who shows people how to live more creatively and with purpose. She practices and teaches meditation, understanding night-time dreams, visualization, intuitive development, and creative expression.

Laurel loves aiding people to develop their full potential, drawing upon inner resources like dreams, meditation, visualization, and intuition and communication skills like listening, public speaking, and writing. She believes that each person has gifts to offer to humanity and envisions a world of people who are fulfilled because they discover and express their "uniqueness," helping one another as they fulfill their own destiny.

She is also the author of Intuitive Dreaming, Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose, The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization, Karmic Healing, Concentration, and Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery. 

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