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Janet Yarger and her team at Yarger Chiropractic and Acupuncture help patients with relief and wellness care. Yarger believes that health is amongst our most valuable possessions.  The initial stage or relief care is to uncover the underlying cause and suggest a plan to produce fast results. In wellness care, they teach patients that true health is a journey.  Through educational opportunities, they communicate the value of ongoing chiropractic care.

Associating weight loss and health with Chiropractor (4:25)

  • It's a different way of looking at the body from a neurological perspective

  • Her 1st patient came in because they had a brain cyst

  • Most patients come in because they have a health issue or they're overweight or they're struggling with diabetes or high blood pressure

2 Facets of Life Reshaped (6:15)

  • Lipomelt which is the light therapy which causes you to lose inches and basically speeds up the whole weight loss process

  • Shaped reclaimed is an anti-inflammatory program

  • Inflammation makes more fat which makes more inflammation which makes more fat which makes more inflammation. If you stay on this cycle too long it kicks over to autoimmune diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, even sleeping problems

  • With shape reclaimed, because it's an anti-inflammatory program, you don't have to exercise

Anti-Inflammatory Program (11:15)

  • People come off meds for blood pressure and diabetes

  • The younger generations are looking for something that is more natural because they don't want to do medications for the rest of their life

  • Patients are sometimes in pain or just uncomfortable with how they feel physically for so long that they just assume it's normal

Lipomelt (16:00)

  • A good candidate would be typically someone who has a muffin top or love handles. They just want to lose that belly fat and they've struggled

  • In an anti-inflammatory program like shape reclaimed it's OK to start the Lipomelt at any phase

Anti-Inflammatory Diet (18:50)

  • Cut out the big inflammatory foods which are going to be no sugar, no gluten, most dairy, and corn because of those the 4 areas that most people have inflammatory reactions.

  • Shaped Reclaim’s drops have anti-inflammatory properties in it which help speed up reducing cravings, speeds up fat loss because it's reducing inflammation

3 Phases of Shaped Reclaimed (20:00)

  • The 1st phase is taking the drops

  • Phase 2 is 3 weeks of not taking the drops and studying your new metabolism

  • Phase 3 is the rest of your life and then you determine how to incorporate things back into your diet.

Good Candidates for Program (22:45)

  • Either overweight or blood pressure issues or diabetic issues those or any other type of health issues

  • If you have a health issue you have an inflammatory issue

  • It's a leap of faith you just have to say “I'm going to do this. I'm going to just jump out and say I'm going to try something new because what they've tried in the past hasn't worked.”

  • If they’re not willing to change their diet this is probably not for you

Janet’s Business Background (35:30)

  • Wanted to start out on her own. She didn't want to work for another doctor.

  • She had to move her practice numerous times because she had to get the right location

  • She had to make a decision on being a cash practice or insurance practice

  • If you just give good care and you treat your patients nice they're going to refer and your practice is going to grow

Rivalry of Chiropractors and MDs (43:30)

  • It goes back a long time probably 100 years

  • When we started out in this country all they had was homeopathic schools

  • Pharmaceutical companies started popping up and they got investors to start supporting pharmaceuticals and the production of drugs

  • They convinced these homeopathic schools that if you will transition your doctors over into this will pay for your schools and all that

  • All doctors used to be trained homeopathic and they transition because of money to all medical

  • In 1987 there's a huge lawsuit between the American Medical Association and the Chiropractic Association

Phases of disease (45:30)

  • 1st phases you know something's wrong. A gut feeling something's just not right but you have no symptoms

  • 2nd phase is now you have some symptoms but they're going to run every test on you (blood work, x-ray) and they're not going to find anything wrong

  • 3rd phase is now you have some more symptoms and they run tests and if something's wrong with your blood work or your M.R.I. or X-rays and they see stuff, that's where the medical world shines

  • Our goal with traditional Chinese medicine with chiropractic and health and wellness and nutrition is to catch you in phases one or 2 because then you can easily turn it around

Lessons for Entrepreneurs (47:00)

  • Surround yourself with positive people and people that are on your side and will encourage you

  • Don't have such a big ego that you can't take advice from someone who's done it before you

  • Budget budget budget

  • It is good to set goals but even better to reassess them

  • You have to spend money to make money

Crazy questions (57:30)

  • Cadaver class

  • What characteristic are you most grateful that you possess

  • Advice to focus on not just as a chiropractor but also as an adult

  • What can someone do right now to be happier

  • What will have changed in one year

Book Recommendation (1:05:00)

  • The Bible

  • My experience with the Lord has changed my life there's no way I would be here if it wasn't for him

  • Facial Analysis with Traditional Chinese Medicine or anything about the 5 Elements of a Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • It is so amazing you can really figure out about a person's health and even their personality and how they function and think.

Last piece of advice (1:09:00)

  • Be open to something different.

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