Community Spotlight on Carter Rethwisch: The Cardinal Cowboy

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With a long history in Digital Marketing and Communications. Starting back at SLU for undergrad and Webster grad school. Carter started his computer consultant career in 1997 as a consultant to Citi Corp. Carter quickly moved up the ranks and started at Anheuser-Busch in Nov. of 1998 as an e-mail consultant.

By 2000 Carter was in the Operations group at A-B and was managing the Corporate E-mail Servers. He received many awards and accolades but when InBev came in to take over A-B Carter decided it was time to get into Digital Marketing for small businesses.

Since 2011, Carter owns and runs his own Digital Marketing Agency where he and his team have worked with fortune 500 companies, some of the best known companies in the Midwest, and does much work in the community working with over 50 local charities while supporting and working with tons of local organizations.

You may have heard of the Cardinal Cowboy. Carter was selected as a Top Supporter for MLB and for the St. Louis Cardinals. He has been selected as 21 Super Fans in the world by CNN’s Bleacher Report. He has put his on-line expertise to work from all sides of the marketing spectrum for good causes and good businesses.

Craig Thomas