Abbie Belliston co-author of WTF? Why the face?

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Co-author of WTF? Why the face, Abbie Belliston uses facial diagnosis to determine what is going on physiologically with a person and also pick up on personality traits. Facial diagnosis can be helpful for medical practitioners, as well as teachers, parents, coaches, business owners, managers, people in HR, casting directors who can learn a lot about people around them just by looking at their face, and it's instinctual. While it is something we do all the time she outlines a structured way to determine what you're actually seeing on someone's face it's accurate 95% of the time.

Traditional Chinese medicine is the basis of facial diagnosis. Irises are a map of your body, your ears are a map, the bottoms of your feet, your palms, your tongue, it's all a map of the body. There are all these maps so that you can see what's going on or feel what's going on. While it sounds esoteric and crazy it's rooted in this ancient science.

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