Why Be A Guest


This is a new show, so expect initial numbers to be low. We an email blast out to our current list of ~800 small business owners around the US. After that, we'll promote each episode across our social channels. This should provide us with extra listens from ads to bolster our initial numbers. Since you'll be one of our first guests, you'll be able to take advantage of all the promotion we put out this year.

We predict each episode will have ~150 downloads in the first 30 days after publishing. Our goal for 2019 is an average of 2000 downloads/episode.


We interview successful entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders working to grow the Denver business community. We're not interested in politicians, or stodgy old men who sell insurance. We love innovators and visionaries who see the city's growth as a boon to them and others. 


Michael Greenberg (@gentoftech) will interview you. We'll open with about 10 minutes of background on you and your company. Then, we'll move into a topical discussion. Finally, we'll round out a few tips for the audience and a book recommendation.

All topics are provided by you. We're 100% pro-business, so there won't be any curveballs. We just want to highlight the good work you're doing.